Who Is Denise Read - Copywriter?


My background is in sales, specifically corporate B2B sales,

though I have worked for smaller “Mom & Pop” shops too – working

your buns off for 100% commission will teach you fast about finding

a way to get the job done. I left my corporate gig at the top of my

game – having been awarded #1 Sales Rep in the US, and in the

top five for the three years prior. Being a persuasive writer by nature,

I decided to turn in my company car, my Amex, my salary and my

commissions for a life I love – helping innovative companies

communicate their powerful message, cleanly and clearly.

Before the official sales title, I was selling my bosses needs and

desires as an executive assistant, selling hard-core fitness as a

personal trainer and cycle instructor, selling kids to eat their carrots

and wash behind their ears as a nanny, and – one of my favorites,

surprisingly – selling great food and a wonderful experience

as a fine dining and sports bar server.

Copywriting, to me, is writing with a specific purpose and goal, exhibiting personality and personability, with the intention to get action from the reader, and then witnessing that action. Now, I'm very happy and excited to spend as much time as I can to help businesses find greater success.

My Goals

My greatest goals are to create success for people and companies that work hard and deserve it. Whether it’s a big corporation that offers a truly unique and valuable solution, or a small company that sincerely works to help others, I want to help winners win even more. Because of this, I’m very selective about who I work with. I’m not just trying to make a quick buck.

I want to partner with extraordinary and extremely intelligent, down-to-earth folks and companies that understand that, to get to the next rung, communication needs to happen, and it needs to be communication that the targeted recipient can digest simply and easily, politely asking for seconds.

I enjoy writing in any capacity that helps great companies succeed: internal communications, training manuals, sales letters and direct mail packages, white papers, brochures, you name it.


Type-A control freak all the way! What this means for you is that I will be thorough and organized in my approach, I will be completely honest and up-front in all communications and exchanges, and will find a way to get what you need from me, and even more whenever I can. I want nothing but success, for you and me, and I will stop at nothing to get it for us.


My greatest assets are persistence, perseverance, and tenacity. I’m stubborn and have a thick skin, which pairs well with my out-spoken personality and confidence in getting the job done. I will use my personality and my indefatigability to create copy that is unique, individual, and professional. You will be secure in knowing that your job will be completed the way you want it, and hopefully better.

I look forward to working with you.


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